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The appliance market in India has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. With the frequent introduction of new brands and innovative appliances, it is often baffling for us, as a consumer, to choose the right appliances for our kitchen that are both functional and chic and also add a touch of modernity and convenience to our busy lifestyle.

Despite our changing lifestyles most appliance preferences in India are still primarily based on pricing rather than product features.

After having spent over 18 years working closely with a number of appliance manufacturers and marketers, I believe the main reason for this is the lack of understanding of new technologies and product features by the end consumer. Most appliances today come with a host of feature that are either difficult to understand or may seem too complicated to use. However, some of these features have the potential of changing our daily kitchen chores into something more exciting breaking the monotony of the daily grind.

Most global marketers in India though provide basic product training to demonstrators, sales and service personnel as well as to consumers (mainly based on their learning’s from the west where a lot of it is taken for granted as these appliances have been around for numerous years and consumer awareness levels are fairly high). I believe the nascent Indian market however needs a more simplified and systematic approach.

Our aim through this website is to reach out to all those consumers who end up buying the latest kitchen appliances but do not know what to do with them. Their excitement on buying the appliance often fades with the first “unsuccessful” attempt at trying to use it! However I strongly believe that a little understanding and repeated use, can help put those numerous appliances simply lying around the kitchen or in closets to effective use, saving on time and energy usually spent in the kitchen.

We have tried to put these appliances into the Indian cooking perspective and are attempting at demonstrating to you the ease / convenience with which you can simplify your everyday cooking tasks through easy to use recipes using off the shelf ingredients, step by step cooking instructions and accurate cooking times that are customized to suit your brand / model of appliance.

Sections on product understanding and tips on their effective usage have also been added to help you understand your appliance better and get the maximum out of it!

I sincerely urge you to share your product experience, grievances, recipes, tips and suggestions on the discussion board to help other like minded gizmo enthusiasts make a conscious purchase and also help in encouraging those somewhat “reluctant” first time users to at least try using their appliances.

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