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About Us

I, Tina Nupur started my career with BeeGee’s Marketing Promotions – a company involved in conceptualizing and implementing some of the most successful consumer promotions in India. Some of our clients include Samsung, Nestle, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, Daewoo Motors, PepsiCo, Frito Lays, Hindustan Lever, Coca Cola, Hindustan Petroleum etc.

BeeGee’s Test Kitchens was subsequently established to cater to the needs of Consumer Durables manufactures and marketers and FMCG segments.

In the 1990’s, when microwave ovens were first introduced in India, most marketers were faced with the challenge of “unacceptable taste and texture of Indian food cooked in a microwave oven”. The microwave oven was then primarily a “heating box” and its usage in cooking was unheard of! To overcome this challenge, BeeGee’s pioneered the “step by step Indian cooking process for microwave ovens” - an innovative and unconventional cooking process for microwave ovens (unheard of until 1999 when it was first introduced by us in the form of a recipe book titled “LG Microwave Cooking – Indian Style” for LG Electronics India). This process mimics the exact steps taken in conventional Indian cooking (on a gas stove) to enhance the quality, flavour, taste and texture of food cooked in a microwave oven that is very similar to that of Indian food cooked over a gas stove. This ushered in a whole new era in the acceptance and usage of microwave ovens across India. Today almost every urban and most rural households at least own a microwave oven (even though its usage is still primarily limited to reheating!)

Thereafter we have worked closely with various microwave and appliance manufacturers and marketers including some of the leading brands in the country today.

Our innovative techniques and wide experience has helped us establish ourselves not just as a recipe developer / publisher but also as a consultant in product planning and performance testing. BeeGee’s Test Kitchens specializes in developing cooking processes, techniques and recipes for various white goods and kitchen appliances.

We have also been associated with content development and production of video CDs, conducting training programs for sales and support staff as well as pre sale and post sale cookery classes for consumers of microwave ovens and gas ranges for various brands pan India.

We have also developed Indian auto cook menus, algorithms and recipes for Whirlpool of India which were launched by them in 2010 and continue to be in use till date.

Another significant achievement of ours has been the development of “InstaSnack” – long shelf life, dehydrated microwave convenience food. When microwaved with water for a few minutes, they dish out “fresh like” snacks of “restaurant like” quality and taste profile that is difficult to differentiate from snacks freshly cooked from scratch. We have also developed cryo – mechanically frozen InstaMeal “Ready to Eat” snacks, meals, bakery products and Indian mithai. Market tests for both InstaMeal and InstaSnack were successfully undertaken by us with major coffee chains and microwave manufacturers.

We also offer some innovative “customized cooking solutions” for enhanced kitchen appliance usage and versatility (patent pending). We believe that our solutions have the potential to revolutionaries the way cooking appliances are perceived and used today!